Happy Birthday

Some time ago I commented that it seems only when there is death and the memory thereof that I post on my blog. Well there is a pattern.

Today would have been Elijah’s birthday. We got a cake and went for a visit with his family.

Remember Elijah as he lived

Hard thing to do now. As BROWN is to be buried as he lived, a cadet, I had to see him today as they prepared his body. I wish I had not, but I am happy I did.

It was an experience. Not one I wish to repeat but it made me think, seriously think. I  reflected and do I wonder. Hard to accept that Elijah is gone but, there was no life in him today, no smile, no soul. That was not the Elijah I knew and loved. He is gone, what I saw was an empty shell dressed, made up and prepared to look like my cadet, my student, my friend.

So this is what I came up with. Remember him as he lived not not as he is died.

Elijah is an exceptional young man, a true testament to the character of those who raised him,

Even in death he left an extraordinary legacy, forming friendships, and inspiring cooperation, smiles and laughter.

Be comforted in knowing that as short as his life seems, he left an unforgettable legacy.

Must be a BROWN!

Elijah Brown has died

Today a brilliant light flickered away. Elijah was always happy. He annoyed me by being always high in spirit. He was persistent and insisted that we love and listen to him. He knew why.
Elijah made us smile even when we were upset, annoyed or just not in the mood.

He was my favourite cadet. He was the standard of the unit and the standard bearer of the unit.

He was a brilliant student of Information Technology even though he never thought so.

He was a perfect St Jago Student.

I will miss Elijah.

Conviction in faith

May you be always convicted of your faith
Never question it
Never justify it
Remember always it is not the world’s gift to you but rather it is your gift to the world.



Ryan’s confirmation was today. So what to say? What does it mean? Why is that significant?

This morning I got up and went to fellowship, not for fellowship but in support of a great decision. Confirmation is the acceptance of not only apostolic teachings but also the fellowship. So in gathering together to support Ryan, his ministry is begun. Six persons who otherwise would not be in the same place at the same time, did gather for a singular purpose.

So today, reflect on the miracle of people getting along with each other.  Be inspired, have faith, transform the human mind. We are all capable of much more than we believe we are.

To attempt to understand a miracle, to understand faith, to attempt any of these is futile. The point is to believe that there is something that connects us.

Create reality out of possibility.

Say not in grief that we are no more

Say not in grief that she is no more
but say in thankfulness that she was
A death is not the extinguishing of a light,
but the putting out of the lamp
because the dawn has come.



Behind Me — dips Eternity –
Before Me — Immortality –
Myself — the Term between –

E Dickenson


I was dead


Merrick Nelson

To say Uncle Merrick will be missed would be disingenuous, truth is we are mostly waiting to see him speeding up the avenue in his white pickup or to hear his morning call.


Really though, not many people as loud as Uncle Merrick can be truly described as quiet.

A truly quiet person leaves behind a quiet void, a calm memory and humbled friends

“Maas wallie, pardie, CC, bloss, Mr Escofrie” any one or combination of these could be heard each morning as Uncle Merrick was sure to ensure that all the neighbours in his immediate circuit made it through the night.


Then as he drove down the road he would offer a drive to anyone who could hold in his faithful pickup truck. He greeted everyone by name as he passed. Uncle Merrick not only lived in Strathmore but made sure he was a part of the community.


He taught us all how to be good neighbours, he was genuine, kind, and simply an awesome person who was always willing to go the extra mile for everyone.


Uncle Merrick was proud of his children, he loved them dearly and grew them wonderfully; then he made himself personally responsible for all the children in the community. When we were young he taught us to be good children, when we grew up he taught us to be good adults.

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

And so he plays his part, and today we play ours:

We are sad, we mourn when we lose someone we love but we celebrate because he has joined the church triumphant and has achieved the greatest reward. He has been called by God to be greater than he was on earth.

Mokṣa in this life

 the liberated individual shows attributes such as:

  • he is not bothered by disrespect and endures cruel words, treats others with respect regardless of how others treat him;
  • when confronted by an angry person he does not return anger, instead replies with soft and kind words;
  • even if tortured, he speaks and trusts the truth;
  • he does not crave for blessings or expect praise from others;
  • he never injures or harms any life or being (ahimsa), he is intent in the welfare of all beings;
  • he is as comfortable being alone as in the presence of others;
  • he is as comfortable with a bowl, at the foot of a tree in tattered robe without help, as when he is in a mithuna (union of mendicants), grama (village) and nagara (city);
  • he doesn’t care about or wear sikha (tuft of hair on the back of head for religious reasons), nor the holy thread across his body. To him, knowledge is sikha, knowledge is the holy thread, knowledge alone is supreme. Outer appearances and rituals do not matter to him, only knowledge matters;
  • for him there is no invocation nor dismissal of deities, no mantra nor non-mantra, no prostrations nor worship of gods, goddess or ancestors, nothing other than knowledge of Self;
  • he is humble, high-spirited, of clear and steady mind, straightforward, compassionate, patient, indifferent, courageous, speaks firmly and with sweet words.

Among the Samkhya, Yoga and Vedanta schools of Hinduism, liberation and freedom reached within one’s life is referred to asjivanmukti, and the individual who has experienced this state is called jivanmukta (self-realized person). Dozens of Upanishads, including those from middle Upanishadic period, mention or describe the state of liberation, jivanmukti. Some contrast jivanmukti with videhamukti (moksha from samsara after death). Jivanmukti is a state that transforms the nature, attributes and behaviors of an individual, claim these ancient texts of Hindu philosophy.