Conviction in faith

May you be always convicted of your faith
Never question it
Never justify it
Remember always it is not the world’s gift to you but rather it is your gift to the world.



Ryan’s confirmation was today. So what to say? What does it mean? Why is that significant?

This morning I got up and went to fellowship, not for fellowship but in support of a great decision. Confirmation is the acceptance of not only apostolic teachings but also the fellowship. So in gathering together to support Ryan, his ministry is begun. Six persons who otherwise would not be in the same place at the same time, did gather for a singular purpose.

So today, reflect on the miracle of people getting along with each other.  Be inspired, have faith, transform the human mind. We are all capable of much more than we believe we are.

To attempt to understand a miracle, to understand faith, to attempt any of these is futile. The point is to believe that there is something that connects us.

Create reality out of possibility.

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