Remember Elijah as he lived

Hard thing to do now. As BROWN is to be buried as he lived, a cadet, I had to see him today as they prepared his body. I wish I had not, but I am happy I did.

It was an experience. Not one I wish to repeat but it made me think, seriously think. I  reflected and do I wonder. Hard to accept that Elijah is gone but, there was no life in him today, no smile, no soul. That was not the Elijah I knew and loved. He is gone, what I saw was an empty shell dressed, made up and prepared to look like my cadet, my student, my friend.

So this is what I came up with. Remember him as he lived not not as he is died.

Elijah is an exceptional young man, a true testament to the character of those who raised him,

Even in death he left an extraordinary legacy, forming friendships, and inspiring cooperation, smiles and laughter.

Be comforted in knowing that as short as his life seems, he left an unforgettable legacy.

Must be a BROWN!

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